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Burlington County Bucks Card

Where you can get them

The gift cards can be used at most participating businesses registered in the Directory on this website.

There are no fees for the Burlington Bucks Gift Cards and they never expire.

Burlington Bucks Gift Cards are available in $10 or $25 increments and can be used in Burlington County stores and retail establishments that are part of the County’s Shop Burlington County First initiative (Member Businesses).

Member Businesses, by agreement, must accept Burlington Bucks gift cards (see exceptions below.)

About Burlington Bucks gift cards: they are not “swipe” cards (i.e., they do not carry a balance and must be redeemed for full value).  


Instructions for Local Partners and Member Businesses Regarding Burlington Bucks Gift Cards (and helpful information for SBCF customers):

How they can be used:

  • If a Local Partner (Business Association) "fronts" Burlington Bucks to a Member Business without payment in advance, it is done at the Local Partner's risk.
  • If Member Businesses limit the purchase amount in order for a customer to use Burlington Bucks, that amount (or percentage) MUST be clearly posted
    (Example: If a customer purchases a cup of coffee for $1 and presents a $25 Burlington Bucks gift card, the Member Business does NOT have to accept the Burlington Bucks IF CLEARLY POSTED. Suggested language: Minimum purchase $5 in order to use Burlington Bucks gift card OR Purchase price must be at least 20% the amount of the Burlington Bucks gift card amount ) 
  • Burlington Bucks can be used as change
    (Example: A customer makes a $5 purchase with $25 Burlington Bucks. Member Businesses can give a $10 gift card as part of the change IF AGREEABLE BY BOTH the customer and the business.)
  • Contact Local Partner, Burlington County Office of Economic Development or www.ShopBurlingtonCounty.com for purchase and redemption information
  • Local Partners and Member Businesses can use Burlington Bucks gift cards as an incentive (i.e. get a $10 gift card for a purchase of $50 or more OR $1 off any purchase when you use a Burlington Bucks gift card OR Please accept this $10 Burlington Bucks gift card for your loyal patronage)


Exceptions to accepting Burlington Bucks gift cards: service industry or businesses that are prohibited by law or regulation from accepting gift cards or using them to lower the cost of the service (i.e. insurance premiums, downpayments, co-payments, etc. Proof may be required.)

How to get them:

  • Local Partners must purchase Burlington Bucks Gift Cards from the Office of Economic Development in person, by mail or arrange for delivery. Make checks payable to: Burlington County Bridge Commission.
  • By mail:        

       Office of Economic Development

       1900 Briggs Rd. 
         Mt. Laurel 08054
         (609) 265-5055 

  • Burlington Bucks must be paid for in full at time of acceptance - cash only, no personal checks 
  • Member businesses must purchase them from their Local Partner* or from the Burlington County Office of Economic Development (see above)
             *Local Partners may designate member businesses to serve as a distribution point 
  • Customers may purchase them from Local Partners, member businesses designated by the Local Partner, Member Businesses, the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce or the Office of Economic Development. 
  •  See the Directory for a listing of participating Burlington County First businesses.

Burlington Bucks Order Form

Click HERE for a printable order form
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